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 FRAMING SYSTEMS - Frame Options

Clear Span Metal Building Frame Clear Span Frame
When you need a custom metal building with an interior that is free of obstructions, the clear span frame is the obvious choice. Since it is free of interior support columns, the building is wide open to your specific floor plan. The tapered member frame design reduces the amount of steel and is typically used for building widths ranging from 40' to 150'. Clear span buildings are ideal for end uses such as hangars, agricultural buildings, commercial, and warehouse metal buildings.
Open Web Clear Span Steel Building Frame Open Web Clear Span (TrussFrame)
TrussFrame, which is exclusive to Nucor Builders, is a hybrid open-web rigid frame system that is appropriate for clearspan situations where building widths are 250' or more. Aside from requiring less steel, TrussFrame allows HVAC, wiring, and sprinkler systems to be incorporated into the trusses. This unique design provides a more spacious design aesthetic and reduces the required height of your building.
Crane Frame for a Steel Building by Kalex Steel Buildings Crane Frame
Many steel buildings require crane systems for the lifting and moving of heavy or large objects. Buildings by Kalex Steel Buildings can easily be adapted for the support of most crane systems. Your crane building can often be designed with fewer independent crane columns, reducing costs. Interior columns can also be reinforced for the addition of jib or gantry cranes.
Single Slope Frame Single Slope Frame
When constructing a custom metal building for uses such as offices, mini storage, and retail centers, the single slope is a common option. Single slope, by definition, means each sidewall has a different eave height, causing the roof to slope in one direction. An advantage of the single slope is that it requires a lower roof pitch due to the asymmetrical design. This means less steel is used which translates to a more cost-effective solution for your steel building.
Modular Steel Building Frame
Modular Frame
When your metal building design calls for a larger, wider design, modular framing is often the most economical option. The modular metal building utilizes interior columns that evenly distribute the weight of the structure, which allows for a wider building while keeping costs lower. This frame type is economical with individual spans of 40' to 80' and building widths from 80' up to, and in excess of 300'.
Lean-to Frame by Kalex
Lean-to Frame
The Lean-to is a single-pitch frame that joins to, and is supported by, a main building frame. The lean-to differs from the single slope in that it must be supported on the high side by an adjoining building column. A lean-to gives extra space needed alonside a building. It can function as a covered area or completely enclosed addition to the main building.
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